Camp Grit Recap

Q1 2019 Indy Grit Community Get-Together

Indy Grit Community Camp Grit.jpg

We had an enthusiastic and engaged group on March 7 who participated in Camp Grit. Jon Beight, Executive Director of Twin Lakes Camp, shared his own personal story of turning around the camp operations and finances and the grit that was required. The highlight of the event was the experiential learning exercise that Jon facilitated. As you can see from the photos, it involved a penny, water, and an eye dropper. You will have to ask an attendee for the lessons learned from this exercise. You can be sure that this learning experience was memorable and practical.

Here are some descriptions of the event from our participants: authentic, inclusive, inspiring, engaging, active, thoughtful, needed, helpful, and challenging. If you missed out on Camp Grit, I encourage you to register today for our next event on June 6th.

Harry Howe