Grit Case Study: My Pretty Little Pretzel

Kate Wilson, founder of My Pretty Little Pretzel, is more than just a sponsor of IndyGrit.Community. As she and I were preparing for our December 6th event, I asked Kate more about her own journey and the importance of grit.

Kate shared with me, in her experience, grit was as much a philosophy as it was a first response to life's ups and downs. And Kate has experienced some major ups and downs, including a 15 week stretch when she experienced extreme chronic pain and could barely move.

Kate said that you won't find the word grit in the concordance of your bible, but the character traits of passion and perseverance that compose grit are definitely biblical virtues that she learned during this period. In conclusion, she says that My Pretty Little Pretzel is less about chocolate and pretzels and more about loving people and brightening their day with a sweet treat.

I would add, however, that her chocolate is very, very good -- which is how she has developed such a loyal following among her corporate and private clients. 

Kate Wilson and the My Pretty Little Pretzel team

Kate Wilson and the My Pretty Little Pretzel team